Waiting for the most amazing moment ever!

I’ve had quite a few of these moments:

  • Having a little sister
  • Getting my drivers license and my first car (the freedom!
  • When I gained my confidence!
  • Signing up for an apartment for B2020
  • My first dog, Bella
  • Meeting Gerard
  • Getting engaged to Gerard
  • Marrying Gerard

….and now? Having our first child! A proof of love, something we’ve made together, a gift from God.

There’s only two weeks left til due date! Even though I cherish every little movement my baby makes, even though it’s magical in it’s own sweet way, I can’t help but thinking that walking around without feeling someone pushing on both my bladder, diafragma and stomach at the same time will be pretty magical too.

Oh, and you think getting out of bed in the morning is tough? Try it with a fullgrown baby inside of you! But trust me, it’s so worth it!

So, are we ready..? For a little newborn, fragile little treasure? I sure hope so. But honestly, how do you know? It will be a funny experience, seeing how we’ll be swept of our feet, confused, thrilled, excited and scared to death, all at once! I can’t wait to finally meet her, see what she looks like, see her open her eyes for the first time, hear her voice, hold her tiny hand, smell her scent, feel her skin. I wonder if she is healthy, who she looks like, if she has black hair like I did.

The closest I’ve been to something remotely similar is the day I brought home Bella, the most adorable little puppy in the world. She was so tiny, so gorgeous, and I couldn’t stop staring at her. She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, and I loved her from the second she was mine. In the car on my way home I felt pure happiness and joy, and a little bit frightened, considering that I suddenly were responsible for a little creature’s life.


Will having a baby be something like that? Just x1000? I can’t wait to figure it out!


A little somethin’ for you:)

Baby bump

baby bump is definitely showing

Hi family and friends if you care to check in on this blog! (Yes, I’ll be sorta surprised if you do, even more so if you keep it up..).

Things are happening at super speed, and there’s almost no time to explain what’s going on in our lives. At the same time we experience how God blesses everything and allows us to do everything according to His will.

So to give you a short update on our life:

❤️ Our baby is (with 75% certainty) a baby girl! The new princess Lamusse is due October 11th.

❤️We decided to consider a house, checked it out, placed a bid, and got it! All in the same day. No one can say we’re not effective. Unless when it comes to being at places at a certain time, or doing laundry, or dishes, but that’s a completely different story.

❤️Our car is at the end of its life, so we had to buy a new one… So on impulse we sorta decided to look at one since we anyways passed a store on our way to the bank, tested it….and bought it. All in one day. No one can say we’re not effective. Unless when it comes to….you know the drill.

❤️We have one month, July, to redecorate our new house, move out of the old one and go to the summer conference…. There’s painting to be done. A lot of it.

❤️ And we’re trying to prepare for a baby…(how do you do that..?)

❤️ I’ve heard that going on a baby moon is a thing…and since we’ll be stressing in July we’ve bought a nice vacation to Alicante, Spain in August as a treat. Just because.

❤️ …and we’re also planning on going to SA in January…

❤️ I’m thinking next we’re ending up on a mental hospital for overspending money…Will keep you posted.

That’s all for now:) Would love to hear from you guys in the comment section below, would be nice to know what you’re up to. Just remember the blog isn’t restricted so anyone can read this. I doubt anyone else will..but better safe than sorry, right?

Totsiens, good bye, ha det bra:)